About Us

S ince its foundation in 2015, Science Labs has been known, by the local and international community, for its devotion to research development and innovation, qualifying the lab as a leader in the field of genetic analyses. Focusing on the implementation of advanced laboratorial testing, conducted by the highest degree of validity and reliability; it provides physicians and their patients with personalized genetic information aiming towards preventive action planning and effective therapeutic choices.

Why choose Science Labs

  • Innovation-Leadership
    Science Labs is the first lab in Greece to implement Non Invasive Prenatal Testing with the Clarigo NIPT test, locally. Now, it is the first and only lab to implement the Clinical Exome Solution (CES) analysis method.
  • Our vision and development
    Our vision is to implement new methodologies using cutting edge technologies, by establishing collaborations with worldwide recognized biotechnology and bioinformatics companies, who are leaders in their fields.
  • Our company’s philosophy and aim
    Our aim is to provide high quality healthcare services in the context of being scientifically solid, professional, with respect and direct contact with the physicians in order to support their practice and patient’s welfare.
  • In lab testing and analytical procedures
    Samples tested are not sent abroad to other centers, thus they are not exposed to transportation hazards, there are no unpredictable/unexpected delays, the overall cost is reduced and most importantly there is direct monitoring and communication throughout the whole procedure.
  • Broad spectrum laboratorial testing supporting almost all medical fields
    Along with our cutting-edge technology advanced genetic analysis methods, performed in our premises, we support testing in the fields of hematology, biochemistry, immunology, endocrinology and allergy. We also offer molecular microbiology and molecular genetics testing and we are in collaboration with public insurance agencies. Covering this broad testing spectrum we aim to meet all of your patient’s needs aiming towards a more effective and holistic health plan and management.
  • Quality management
    We carefully select the platforms we implement and participate in certified external quality control schemes. We function under the guidelines provided by international European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 15189 for clinical testing laboratories.
  • Specialized and experienced personnel
    Our team consists of specialized and experienced scientists in the fields of molecular biology and genetics, who are constantly up to date. Thus, we ensure the validity and quality of services offered so that healthcare providers are supported in the best possible way.



ARISTIDES PAPPAS MD, Microbiologist, Chief Physician

THEODOULI LIONTOU Administration and Front Desk Support Manager

KOSTAS RAPTIS External Services

Scientific Staff

PANTELIS CONSTANTOULAKIS, PhD Molecular Biologist-Geneticist, Scientific Director

GEORGIA CHRISTOPOULOU, MSc, PhD Molecular Biologist-Geneticist, Lab Manager of NIPT and Genomics Department

KATERINA OIKONOMAKI, MSc Molecular Biologist, Head of Laboratory Operations, Quality System Manager

Technical Staff

SOTIRIA NIKA, BSc Medical Lab Technician, Head Technician