Our lab is certified according to ISO 9001 and accredited according to ISO 15189 for medical laboratories by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D).We use CE-IVD methods where available.

Our Certificates

Science Labs: State of the art advanced genetic analyses

We explore the power of genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics to provide elevated healthcare services. Using advanced genetic analysis methods embedding Next Generation Sequencing technologies (NGS), we can provide you, doctors and healthcare providers, access to information stored in DNA and we can assist you to interpret and understand them, aiming towards a more efficient preventive and reactive health management plan for your patients.


Why choose Science Labs ?

In lab testing and analytical procedures.

Samples tested are not sent abroad to other centers, thus they are not exposed to transportation hazards, there are no unpredictable/unexpected delays, the overall cost is reduced and most importantly there is direct monitoring and communication throughout the whole procedure.


We assist you to make the right decisions on your patients’ health issues, their families and their future.

We investigate health conditions for which timely diagnosis may make a difference. DNA testing may prove to be valuable since it will help you discover the etiology of a condition and the knowledge provided will guide you to make the optimum management choices for your patients and their families.